family office services

For families with sophisticated financial needs, Crest Capital provides the following services:

personal financial planning

We work with each of our clients to clarify their personal financial goals for themselves and their families. By intimately learning our clients’ history, philosophy and perspectives, we create a personalized financial plan that is tailored to their unique levels of risk tolerance and cash flow requirements.

investment consulting / asset management

Our team provides objective investment advice. We take an in-depth, analytical approach in screening investments, creating customized portfolios and providing macro-economic, financial and investment advice.

asset allocation & portfolio construction strategy

All of our portfolios are developed as a function of our clients’ specific goals and risk tolerances. We take a long-term, preservation focused, investment approach coupled with sensitivity to clients’ liquidity and cash flow needs.

tax minimization / optimization

We believe the measure of investment success is not necessarily what you make, but rather what you keep. With this in mind, we employ active tax optimization techniques in the management of client portfolios.

solutions for corporate executives & business owners

We specialize in advising C-level executives on the complex financial situations they face such as restricted stock and option based compensation, non-qualified deferred compensation, cash management, and shareholder optics surrounding divestitures.

legacy planning

For many wealthy families the preservation of family values is as important as the preservation of its wealth. We assist clients in developing a family mission statement and next generation financial education.

wealth transfer & income planning

We work intimately with individuals, their families and advisors to design the most appropriate wealth transfer strategies.

philanthropic giving assistance

We conceptualize and help create philanthropic strategy for our clients, including the establishment of private foundations, charitable remainder trusts, and donor-advised funds and trusts.

risk management

As successful investors, our clients face a myriad of risks not necessarily directly related to their investment portfolio. We work with each family to identify and minimize exposures that may adversely impact their financial plans.

private banking and lending services

We work to offer tailored cash management services, payment services and lending solutions to enhance our client’s liquidity and flexibility.

client portfolio reporting

Our customized reports range from high-level summaries, which can incorporate outside assets, to detailed quantitative analysis of individual investments.

secure data vault and fraud defense

We offer our clients access to the Hightower Client Portal, which provides a secure repository for your important financial documents. Additionally, our clients enjoy complementary enrollment in industry leading identity theft protection services.

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